A Weekend of Contemporary Greek Play Readings

REASONS TO HIDE by Nina Rapi, directed by Olivier Pierre 
A visceral and lyrical exploration of power and intimacy. When things get tough who can you trust?

WHO ARE OUR NEW FRIENDS? By Elena Penga, directed by Nicola Samer 
Killing is easy for me. What I do is like taking photographs.

THE CHAMPIONSHIP by Penny Fylaktaki, directed by Alex Rodgers 
Scoring a goal does not mean winning the game!

SEA BLUE by Andreas Flourakis, directed by Dan Barnard
Just when you decide that youre in control of the situation, you find out you are not.

FOOD by Sakis Serefas, directed by Eva Melas
A play about this edible thing called life!

EARTH AND FIRE by Chryssa Spilioti, directed by Dionysis Papadopoulos 
What would happen if a Muslim found himself in the Christian heaven?