Who We Are

The TLC family, La Familia, are:

Artistic Director: Anastasia Revi
Producer: Martina Reynolds
Associate Director Lydia Vie
Associate Producer and performer Sevi Filippidou
Company Assistant and performer Christiana Maycea

Associate Designer: Maira Vazeou
Designers: Valentina Sanna, Umberto Fiorilla, Eirini Kariori, Tamara Amalie Andersen
Musicians: Evi Stergiou and Spyros Giasafakis (Daemonia Nymphe), Jonathan Bratoëff
Lighting Designers: Yiannis Katsaris, Jonathan Chan, Brett Kasza
Photography and Film : Yiannis Katsaris, Steve Sklair
Stage Managers:  Isabel Sanchez, Rachel Verhoef

Actors: Shaun Amos, Helen Bang, Annabelle Brown, Tobias Deacon, Fanny Dulin, David Furlong, Benoît Gouttenoire, Konstantinos Kavakiotis, Denise Moreno, Laura Morgan, Peter Rae, Matthew Wade, Alexis Danan, Rujenne Green, Beatrice Cavicchioni, Beatrice Hyde, Georgie Rhys, Matt Weyland and some of the other lovely artists and friends, new and old, who join us now and then.

La Familia congregate regularly and on special occasions for Bacchic feasts – only joyous celebrations of course, mid-summer nights’ dreams, winters’ tales and the occasional tempest, to enjoy food, wine – sometimes a little too much, music, dancing, laughter and artistic conversations. It is during these long evenings as we watch the sunset, the moonrise, and sometimes the sunrise, that Dionysus inspires us and the seeds of our productions are sewn.

And so the work begins…
Our production and rehearsal process typically include much ado about everything, some taming of shrews and comedies of errors, but thankfully all’s well that ends well, because we are aware of the importance of being earnest.

TLC Board of Directors
Meera Ganatra
Agatha Kalisperas
Christos Kouimtsidis
Martina Reynolds
Alexandros Siskos