Greek Theatre

6 + 1 Greek Voices on Stage

SOTIRIA'S ARMY by Antonis and Konstantinos Koufalis Sotiria has lived a long and troubled life immigrating from Asia Minor to Greece. Going to the Pharmasist to check her blood pressure, wakes up...

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Greek Theatre of the 21st Century

EDGEWISE by Nina Rapi, directed by Anastasia Revi In a remote village by the borders, the limits of family relationships are tested. TOWARDS ELEUSIS by Pavlos Matesis, directed by Erica Whyman A...

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Plays by Pavlos Matesis

Soho Theatre and Writers’ Centre, London, March 2002 A reading of the four most recent plays by Pavlos Matesis (Greek Drama Critics Award, 2000), included in the 2nd volume of Contemporary Greek...

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