Greek Theatre of the 21st Century

EDGEWISE by Nina Rapi, directed by Anastasia Revi
In a remote village by the borders, the limits of family relationships are tested.

TOWARDS ELEUSIS by Pavlos Matesis, directed by Erica Whyman
A family journey exposes hidden truths in this haunting tale of love and loss. Based on William Faulkner’s ‘As I Lay Dying’.

THE PHOENIX AND ITS CHICKEN by Andreas Flourakis, directed by Richard Twyman
An unforgiving and blackly comic story of elusive identities and illicit desires. Presented with the kind permission of the Royal Court Theatre.

LOT’S WIFE by Marios Pontikas, directed by Julek Neumann
The players of an extraordinary love triangle descend into madness in their quest for redemption.

TIME IS ALWAYS ON TIME by Mihail Anthis, directed by Anastasia Revi
A psychological power game, a test of human endurance or just a simple way out?