6 + 1 Greek Voices on Stage

SOTIRIA’S ARMY by Antonis and Konstantinos Koufalis
Sotiria has lived a long and troubled life immigrating from Asia Minor to Greece. Going to the Pharmasist to check her blood pressure, wakes up all the memories in her heart.

NINTH WEDDING by Leia Vitali, translated by Yannis Goumas
Claire Zachanassian, Durrenmatt’s heroine, has now succeeded in her revenge: Alfred, her lover that betrayed her 40 years ago, is now dead. In this room. In this coffin. They are finally alone.

SUSPENSE by Tsimaras Tzanatos, translated by Elsi Sakellaridou
A man locked at home, shut in his refusal and soul-quest. The dwarf-woman is his companion on his journey through memory until absolute nudity reveals his identity.

WILD BEATS by Nina Rapi
A sculptor, a guard, a singer and her replacement in a strange prison – who is the captive and who the captor?

COMMODITY by Natalie Katsou
Starting off from the ground to get to the top floor is the usual expression for building one’s career. Unless you really are a door-mat and aspire to become a piece of art.

THE WOMAN OF PATRAS by George Chronas, translated by Yannis Goumas
Panoraia has enjoyed her life as a prostitute and as a mistress. The clock for retirement is ticking. So grab a chair and listen to her secrets.

THE SEVENTH GARMENT by Eugenia Fakinou, translated by Ed Emery
Roula travels from Athens to a remote village to meet her Grand-mother and fulfill a promise. Death, myth and tradition will scratch the roots of the ancient tree and reveal the deepest and cruelest secrets.