The Oresteia ONE STOP ARTS *****

Anastasia Revi’s intelligent production of Aeschylus’ trilogy, translated by Ted Hughes, is fascinating and powerful. A talented cast, an insightful design team and the Daemonia Nymphe musical ensemble fuse together, invoking all of the senses. It’s no wonder this ensemble is called the Theatre Lab Company as each scene is performed with a visceral physical quality that can only be a result of intense experimentation in the rehearsal room. The pictures created onstage and the relentless repetitive nature of movements and lines are stunning, creepy and terrifying. The effect is hauntingly poignant. The entire cast was electrifying to watch. The whole production is full of layers weaving into one another, creating a rich and deeply powerful performance that leaves one undeniably mesmerized.

ONE STOP ARTS, 2012 *****