A play by George Iliopoulos
Directed by Anastasia Revi

Pleasance Theatre, London 2005

Love, marriage, children, career, success; Adam and Eve have it all. Life has been a fairytale so far. It’s fifteen years later, a humid summer night on an idyllic summer resort. Adam and Eve are colleagues, architects, and have just spent the day in a long meeting to negotiate a big contract. They’ve just returned to their luxurious hotel suite, happy and slightly tipsy, talking in excited tones about a contract they are about to sign. The night is humid and the air still. In the distance there is a storm. They continue to talk, light banter, high from the buzz. The mood changes. The banter turns sour. A few words and a little too much wine, a still night and a pending storm: both can change everything beyond recognition. Emotions soar and the fairytale turns into a nightmare.


George Pirpasopoulos and Kristina Erdely

Creative and Production Team
Directed by Anastasia Revi
Designed by Malin Lindholm
Music by Jonathan Bratoëff
Lighting by Takis
Photography/Graphics by Christos Hatziioannou
Production by Martina Reynolds


…there were a lot of laughs and knowing looks elicited from the couples in the audience. There is definitely a market for this, particularly if you like a round-trip analysis of coupledom peppered with the middle-class subtext found in ‘battle of the sexes’ plays…

….the script is certainly engaging…Ilopoulos has a gift for unexpected humour…