Byzantium 00 AD

Adapted and directed by Anastasia Revi

Union Chapel, Islington 2000
The Hellenic Centre,London, 2000

The ending of one era and the beginning of the next raises many questions fundamental to the human soul. Answers can take the form of prophecies of catastrophe or even science fiction scenarios for the emerging new era, and can influence the future structure of human civilisation. As we approach the end of the second millennium after the birth of Jesus Christ, the same questions arise once more. What is human nature, what is human destiny, what is God, what is happiness? In this context the history of the Byzantine Christian Orthodox Empire at the end of the first millennium may provide some answers. Power, worldly delights and passions, patriotic duty, internal peace, faith in God, love, destiny, and human will are in conflict. They are all interwoven in this short chronicle from the history of the Great Empire of the East as the sun sets on the millennium.


Creative and Production Team
Adapted and directed by Anastasia Revi
Design by Maria Konomis
Costume design by Vasilis Zidianakis
Lighting by Ian Russ and Mark Wilson


…Designed as a site-specific work, A. Revi uses the galleries and pulpit of this beautiful chapel to good effect. Striking visual imagery is enhanced by a haunting score, which mixes traditional hymns with contemporary ambient music. ™n this very physical production, dance, mime and tableaux make the impact…

… Set in a semi-mythical year zero, this Byzantine story works well in the wonderfully atmospheric setting of the Union Chapel…

… The Union chapel is a beautiful setting for a play about the Byzantine Empire at the turn of the first millennium A.D…. adaptor and director Anastasia Revi has great and lofty intentions and wants to be funky and exciting…

…Theatre Lab’s Byzantium. 00 AD imaginatively utilises the height, width and atmosphere of the Union Chapel, with little intrigue and visual flourishes…

…Once ushered to my seat I knew this wasn’t going to be your average theatrical experience… Ambient music and dancing figures in futuristic cum monk like dress, create an actively spiritual atmosphere… Beautiful set, costumes, subtle lighting, elegant choreography to music from Nick Cave and Enigma, this ordinary story-line is transformed into a wonderful piece of theatre… …A great Greek theatrical endeavour…

…A gi-enormous project imbued with vision and healthy ambition… There are electrifying moments in this performance… The play is bold and its casting is a mixed bag. It leaves the spectator amazed……What TLC produced is quite rare. It is more than experiment… May their vision never try to compete with traditional West End plays and may their next production reach us soon…

… Dark eerie and mysterious atmosphere… Highlights of good and bad aspects of that Byzantine period and the conflict between culture and society… An excellent production and outstanding acting…