A play by Giannis Lamdas Lymtsioulis
Translated by Anton Juan; Directed by Anastasia Revi

Ovalhouse Theatre, London 2006
National Theatre of Greece, Empty Space Festival, Athens, June 2006

In the dark world that lies somewhere between life and death, where souls pass on their way to another, there lie the ghosts of those who drowned. Most of them sleep now, but some are unable to rest. They come to life as restless souls who mourn their past and unrealised dreams that will never be theirs. What happened to their ship; why were they all drowned?This is a visual portrait of memories, dreams and the unanswered questions of those who die at the hands of others. Dreamlike and surreal, the stories and fate of those who were silenced by death come to life at the bottom of the sea. The play is based on the true story of a tragedy that happened in 1997 when an Albanian ship carrying refugees sunk off the Italian coast.


Performers in Athens
Manolis Emmanuel, Kristina Leon, Alexandros Tamidis, Ioanna Danezi

Performers in London
Marlene Kaminsky, Aiman Zahabi, Rad Kaim

Creative and Production Team
Directed by Anastasia Revi
Designed by Maira Vazeou (Greece), Nicholaos Zavaliaris (London)
Original music by Aris Lanarides
Lighting by Kristina Hjelm
Production by Martina Reynolds


Theatre Lab have a reputation for mesmerising imagery, an ambition marvellously realised in this dreamlike performance piece beautifully staged by Anastasia Revi …The three actors brilliantly create the impression of psychic survivors… All three performers will remain etched on my memory.

… an absolute gem by the justly acclaimed Theatre Lab Company… it’s a metaphysical tour-de force worthy of Samuel Beckett, but far more humane.