Heartbreak Hotel

Written and Directed by Lydia Vie

International Analogio Festival, Athens 2022 (Awarded the Best New Playwright award)
Etcetera Theatre, London, December 2022

Heartbreak Hotel is located in … the afterlife. It is a place where the souls of those who died of a broken heart meet. The unusual guests stay at the hotel until their broken hearts are healed, and only then can they leave the place. Hotel receptionist is the mysterious Eden, who lives and works there for the last 5257 years. She only receives four guests at the time and gives them tickets to move on as soon as their hearts are healed. This time, the first guest to arrive is Jasper, the window cleaner of Pearl Street, followed by Silver, the circus girl and Violet, the Covid survivor. Fourth guest is the glamorous Hollywood diva, Amber. The process of healing is ready to begin, but all of a sudden a fifth guest arrives, Felix, the inventor. How did this paradox happen? What relationships will be formed and how will hearts be healed? Who leaves and who stays at the Hotel? At the end of the day, to whom does eternity belong?


Eden | Sevi Filippidou
Jasper | Ilias Alexeas
Silver | Christiana Maycea
Violet | Anna Oggero (London), Faidra Faitaki (Athens)
Amber | Chryssi Janetou
Felix | Alexis Danan (London)

Creative and Production Team
Produced by | Theatre Lab Company
Producer | Sevi Filippidou
Movement Director | Phoebe Stapleton
Light & Sound Designer | Konstantinos Koumpiadis
Stage Manager | Isabel Sanchez
Photographers | Paolo Carabetta, Serena Betti, Manolis Georgiadis, Isabel Sanchez

We wish to sincerely thank the Artistic Director of Theatre Lab Company, Anastasia Revi, for her mentoring and teaching. We are eternally grateful. We would also like to heartfully thank Martina Reynolds for all her support.