By Euripides
Translated by Ian Johnson
Directed by Anastasia Revi

Riverside Studios, London
5-22 March, 2014

AMBITION, LOVE, BETRAYAL, REVENGE. The timeless ancient story of the wildest and most passionate women in the history of theatre. The woman who lives her life on the edge, the lover who poisons her rival, the mother who kills her own children.This powerful story explores extreme emotions and actions driven by betrayal and not belonging.


Medea – Marlene Kaminsky
Jason – Tobias Deacon
Creon/ Messenger/ Aegeus – George Siena
Glauce/ Chorus – Denise Moreno
Chorus – Laura Morgan Charlotte Gallagher
Nurse – Helen Bang

Creative and Production Team
Directed by Anastasia Revi
Music Composition & Arrangement by Demonia Nymphe
Musicians Spyros Giasafakis & Evi Stergiou
Set Design by Maira Vazeou
Costume Design by Mayou Trikerioti
Lighting Design and Photography by Yiannis Katsaris
Hair by Chrysostomos Chalamidis
Production by Martina Reynolds
Production Assistant Francois- Xavier Alet


Imbues that almost unimaginable action with a stark logicality… keeps a delicate balance between stylised action and real human feeling …a production of Medea that is certainly worth seeing. Revi is not afraid to take huge risks and she can also be more subtly effective.

Theatre Lab Company has put a unique spin on this classic tale with an eye for the visually and sonically captivating, delivering a well rounded experience. The performance is accompanied throughout by fantastic compositions from Daemonia Nymphe, The quality of the performers and the musical accompaniment make for a richly rewarding and enjoyable evening.

Theatre Lab Company stage this daring production at Riverside Studios with a mix of theatrical imagery, movement, physical theatre and ethereal music by ensemble Daemonia Nymphe. I cannot end without praising Spyros Giasafakis and Evi Stergiou for the hauntingly beautiful music and the strong performance by Tobias Deacon. Medea is an interesting performance with a focus on physicality and emotion, and a laudable attempt to bring the ancient myth to life.

For those familiar with the story this is an enjoyable interpretation, and for those unfamiliar it is easy to follow with clear staging and characterisation.  This is an intense production and achieves its aim to show Medea living on the edge consumed by passion, vengeance, grief and madness.

Director Anastasia Revi’s vision is very clear and the images are hauntingly beautiful.The murder of Medea’s sons is strikingly painful to watch as she has a string of shoes hanging over her neck, symbolising a child being held by his mother as she strangles him. I found myself in tears. Revi’s image is pure genius. It’s an incredible visual experience and Theatre Lab is such an exciting company, challenging the way we tell stories across cultures. Don’t miss out on their take on Medea – it’s Greek tragedy the way it should be done.

Hammersmith is nowhere near Ancient or Modern Athens but that is where you have to go to see one of the finest productions of Greek tragedy. Director Anastasia Revi has captured all the essential elements of Athenian drama in her recreation of Medea.

A very good, accessible production that brings out the play’s many meanings, gives depths to the characters and is always engaging. As with other Theatre Lab productions, a must-see if you like Greek tragedy done well. Indeed, I’d rate their production of Antigone over the National’s recent version starring Christopher Eccleston.