Medusa: The Beheaded Lover

Based on Medusa; A site specific production performed at Shunt

Directed by Anastasia Revi
Shunt, London, 2010

Medusa: the gorgon from Greek mythology with serpents for hair and a gaze that turned everything to stone, beheaded by Perseus for the power of her gaze. Told through the eyes of Medusa, this is a journey into the darkness, and the story behind the terrifying gaze of the serpent wigged monster. It is a woman’s story of love, of betrayal, of pain. The transformation of beauty to grotesque disfigurement, of lover to killer, of betrayal to revenge, and finally destruction and liberation.


Medusa – Susie Fairbrother
Poseiden/ Soldier/ Perseus – Matthew Wade
Athena – Roanna Davidson
Gorgons – Constanza Ruff, Miriam Sully

Creative and Production Team
Directed by Anastasia Revi
Original Score and Music by Evi Stergiou (Lyre, Pandoura and Vocals)
Vocals and Cymbals by Victoria Couper
Costumes by The Company
Lighting and visuals by Yiannis Katsaris
Production by Martina Reynolds


…Powerful, stressful images that carry the audience emotionally. Revi knows how to use music, lighting and physicality to produce theatrical effect.