Adapted from ‘I was Born Greek’ by Melina Mercouri
Directed by Baris Celioglu

The Hellenic Centre, London, 1998

…What I love most in the world is Greece, but the Greek sea, the Greek hills, the Greek sun, the reflection of the sun on the Greek hills are not for me to see. Greek, but I am not permitted to return to Greece. That is why I am writing this book. The story is about me and people I know…

…I shall not write with modesty or reserve because I am neither modest nor reserved.


Performed by Anastasia Revi

Creative and Production Team
Directed by Baris Celioglu
Design by Maria Konomis
Film by Irene Vahllioti
Lighting by Theodore Spyrou
Piano by Dimitris Dimitsas


…An absolutely perfect performance, where Anastasia Revi moved on stage, either acting, narrating, or singing for one and a half hours… the audience was captivated… An impeccable performance, paying attention to the smallest detail…

…A marvelous minimalist performance… irresistibly enchanting… …Following the colours and the sounds of the Greek cultural constitution, this performance begins with Melina’s childhood-unknown to the most of us- and builds up to a gradual familiarity with the femme fatale, the movies star, the politician…
TA NEA, LONDON, April 1998

…Melina at The Hellenic Centre. A sensitive and very interesting performance…
TA NEA, ATHENS, April 199