Written by Oscar Wilde
Directed by Anastasia Revi

Hoxton Hall, London, 2017
Theatro Exo Apo ta Teixi, Thessaloniki, 2014
Théâtre des Amants, Festival Off D’Avignon, 2014
Cabaret Voltaire, Athens, 2013
Old Cholmeley Boys’ Club, London, 2012

Decadence, beauty, lust, envy, desire. The words of a prophet, a mother’s envy, a spoilt young girl’s demand, a stepfather’s desire and a dance that turns the moon red.

An evening of decadence, excess, candlelight, glittering chandeliers, a roaring fire, dance, music and Oscar Wilde’s Salome.

Theatre Lab’s Salome, directed by Anastasia Revi, is a spellbinding visual spectacle that evokes the soul of the writer, Oscar Wilde. The show has been praised for its eccentric and decadent portrayal of what was at one time a forbidden play. It revels in its characters’ complexities and contradictions, the complicity of desire and pleasure, and darker emotions, and the tragic consequences of incited excess.

Anastasia Revi’s unique approach takes Salome to the 1930s where King Herod is celebrating his birthday in style with a sumptuous banquet. Salome is a tragedy, but the production is also playful, with the lighter and more comic elements of eccentricity and decadence wonderfully portrayed in the characters and staging.


Queen Herodias – Helen Bang
King Herod – Konstantinos Kavakiotis
Salome – Denise Moreno
A Prophet – Tobias Deacon (London), Nikos Poursanidis (Athens), Matthew Wade (Avignon /Thessaloniki/Hoxton Hall)
Man of the Palace – Tyler Coombes (London/Athens), Tobias Deacon (Avignon / Thessaloniki/ Hoxton Hall)
Young Syrian – Orwi Imanuel Ameh (London), Alexandros Amerikanos (Athens), Benoit Gouttenoire (Avignon/ Thessaloniki/ Hoxton Hall)
Dark Angel – Alexandros Amerikanos (London), Dimitris Kouimtsidis (Athens)
Eros – Annabelle Brown (London/ Avignon/Thessaloniki/Hoxton Hall), Beatrice Hatzipateras – Dodgeon

Creative and Production Team
Directed by Anastasia Revi
Costumes by Valentina Sanna
Lighting and visuals by Yiannis Katsaris (London, Athens, Avignon)
Photography by Yiannis Katsaris (London, Athens) Cecile Mella (Avignon)
Music by Annabelle Brown (London, Avignon, Thessaloniki, Hoxton Hall), Kostis Kritsotakis (London)
Hair by Umberto Fiorlla (London)
Producer Martina Reynolds (London, Avignon, Hoxton Hall)


Go and immerse your self in this wonderful, decadent play. Listen to the exquisite music and songs and feast your eyes on the sets.
WESTEND WILMA ***** 2017

Salome’s journey from wilful child to vengeful seductress plays out as a hauntingly choreographed piece of intense physical theatre
THE STAGE **** 2017

A unique show-the beloved show of our heart! Red like love, passion and blood!
Coup de Coeur!
LA PROVENCE **** Avignon, 2014

The amazing text of Oscar Wilde relives through the intelligent directing of A. Revi…the aesthetics of the production, the music, the outstanding SALOME of Denise Moreno. This is a charming, cruel and deeply poetic show.
REG’ ARTS, Avignon, 2014

An electric atmosphere dominates the show through the unfulfilled desires and the moon that asks for a kiss. An amazing cast that tells the story beyond speech and languages. It is not easy to create the house of pleasures and decadence; it is quite an extreme but here it is done with perfection! Don’t miss! AVI CITY LOCAL NEWS, Avignon, 2014

The masterpiece of Oscar Wilde adapted by multinational Theatre Lab Company in a way that transfers the atmosphere of a decadent feast of another era: blood mixed with red wine, perfumes and sexuality…The eternal beauty and tragedy mingle in this magic and seductive show. This is a high quality production that carries the soul of Wilde’s masterpiece.
CRAB DES ARTS, Avignon, 2014

In this artistic and underground area of Athens, in Cabaret Voltaire, the audience comes in a world full of eccentricities…Reality transforms into a red universe that is beyond everyday life. The kiss of death waits arrogantly and the passion of young Salome leads this divine play to another level through the extravagant direction of Anastasia Revi. A must see!
METRO GREECE, Athens, 2013

A shocking play of its time confirms the eccentric and provocative nature of Oscar Wilde. Having seen a show like this someone feels the vital need for good theatre! Don’t miss! (FLUST.GR-Αthens, 2013)

SALOME directed by Anastasia Revi was superb! The show left the best memories to the Athenian audience. COSMOPOLITI, Αthens, 2013

Theatre Lab Company’s adaptation of Salome places us into a stunning 1930s banquet hall… . An emphasis on beauty, as well as an exotic, oriental influence in the decor and a definite Art Nouveau style is immediately apparent…. Theatre Lab Company has done a fantastic job with Salome. This is a dark, compelling and irresistibly seductive piece, and absolutely not to be missed
ONE STOP ARTS ***** 2012

Well presented with a strong aesthetic and high production values… the stunning costumes designed by Valentina Sanna beautifully augment the lavish and over-indulgent atmosphere. …. The production was well-crafted and admirably played with appropriate passion and zeal… I would recommend it as a strong piece of experimental theatre with some beautiful visuals.