Six Nights on the Acropolis

By George Seferis
Adapted for stage by Anastasia Revi and Faidra Faitaki
With Stamatis Kraounakis

The Hellenic Centre, London
September, 2018

Theatre Lab Company and The Hellenic Centre present an evening of poetry, music and theatre in a performance inspired bySix Nights on the Acropolis, the only completed novel by Nobel Laureate, George Seferis, with a musical score by renowned Greek musician and composer, Stamatis Kraounakis, and directed by award winning director, Anastasia Revi.

Who will break the seals of these bottled rivers? A heavenly body with power over waters. None other than the moon.

A lonely poet returns to Greece during the Pangalos dictatorship after many years travelling, only to feel like a stranger in his native land. Following the Asia Minor Catastrophe in 1922, many Greeks of the (former) Asia Minor region sought refuge in Greece. He tries to come to come to terms with his life and the turmoil in which he finds his country. Meanwhile six young friends meet and make a pact: to visit the Acropolis on six consecutive nights of the full moon. Here the poet reflects on his life, his muse, on love, on friendship, on bygone days and the turbulent present. Six Nightsis an existential journey in search of identity with music, theatre, poetry and a visit to the ancient Acropolis during the full moon.

In Six Nights on the Acropolis, dated between 1926-28, Seferis recorded his experience as an ‘exile’ and his longing for his homeland, Greece. More than 15 years later, he put the manuscripts together. In the adaptation, the six young friends  (inter) act in English. Seferis’s thoughts and descriptions of Athens are spoken in Greek by the spirit of the Poet and the City to represent the merging of reality and fantasy, actions and thoughts, which characterises Six Nights.


Stratis – Matias Di Masso
Salome – Faidra Faitaki
Lala – Alexa Kormari
Sphinx – Lydia Vie
Nicholas – Navneet Seehra
Kallikles – Ilias Alexeas
Domna – Chryssi Janetou
Guide – Petra Lea Verhulst
Caryatid – Irini Fasia

Creative and Production Team
Director Anastasia Revi
Designer Maira Vazeou
Lighting designer Yiannis Katsaris
Producer (TLC) Martina Reynolds
Surtitles  Evangelia Kougioumoutzi
Assistant Director  Chryssi Janetou
Assistant Designer Eirini Kariori
Assistant Lighting Designer Marina Konta
Photography Panayis Chrysovergis
Graphic Design Lilia Papadouraki

Special thanks to Nikos Kapelios


A night of magic! Earlier tonight Seferis’ Six Nights on the Acropolis @helleniccentre. Spectacular evening, beautiful performance, full of #Greece,#music and lyricism.Thank you #Anastasia Revi, #StamstisKraounakis @TheatreLabCo. (Greek Embassy UK @GreecinUK)

Superb musical adaptation of Six Nights on the Acropolis by #Nobel Laureate #GeorgeSeferis premiered #London @hellenicentre. Music masterly composed by #StamatisKraounakis, direction by #Anastasia Revi of @TheatreLabCo, design by Maira Vazeou.(D.Caramitsos- Tzirias @dtziras, Greek Embassy)

Anastasia Revi’s direction is most successful in creating a strong theatrical atmosphere, a pattern of movement that holds the attention and creating fine stage pictures within a minimalist production. Revi also shares the narration with Stamatis Kraounakis.She moves around the space with dramatic intensity, speaking in her rich voice. Kraounakis, well-known in Greece as a singer, songwriter, actor and director, generates a boundless theatricality with a great sense of timing. (The British Theatre Guide)

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