The Battle of Babylondon

Directed by Anastasia Revi

Site-specific, Canary Wharf, London, 2011

Derived from the 1990 science fiction novel The Difference Engine by William Gibson and Bruce Sterling, the performance plunged the audience into the summer of 1855, in an alternate, politically-charged, Steampunk London. The unrest between the New Radicals, the elitist political party in power, and the Anarchists, a motley crew of Luddites and Communists, had reached a fever pitch, and audiences were asked to choose a side to champion, making their way through a series of challenges, missions, and confrontations, in order to determine who would control the city and its fate.


Johan Buckingham
Roanna Davidson
Louis Labovitch
Chris Leaney
Philip Scott Wallace

Creative and Production Team
Conceived and Designed by Ipso Refracto
Directed by Anastasia Revi