The Parade

By Loula Anagnostaki
Directed by Nikos Govas

International Spring Festival, Thessaloniki, 1998
Mylos Arts Centre, Thessaloniki and Theatro Politeia, Athens, 1997
Chelsea Centre Theatre, 1997
European Theatre Festival, London, 1997

A fantasy tale of the outside world invading the claustrophobic existence of a brother and sister who live isolated by some unknown history. Everything comes to a climax when the parade comes to town…

…Things are not as innocent as they seem….When does reality become fantasy?…

…”Was it all an illusion?, Did the parade really happen?, Did the soldiers really come or were we just acting out our panic?”…

Antoine Vitez (The Paris Production)


Giorgos Glastras and Anastasia Revi

Creative and Production Team

Directed by Nikos Govas
Set and costumes by Spyridon D. Koskinas


…One of the most remarkable theatrical projects, from young artists, with original ideas, and culturally crucial…
TA NEA, LONDON, October 1997

…Greek theatre in the heart of London. Two young performers succeeded to transfer the contemporary Greek theatre on the European stage…

…Here the young artists achieved a miracle, by discovering a powerfully dramatic and visual language, which fused the multiple layers of the play… with a passion rarely seen on stage…
I AVGI, ATHENS, December 1997

…The performers really expanded dramatically the poetic absurdity of the play… the directing was structured on silences, conflicts, emotional states, explosions of the two characters, extending the theatrical time…