State loyalty versus human sentiment, old and ‘wise’ versus young and rebellious; a conflict of justices, morality and duty fuel this powerful and passionate performance of Sophocles’ tragedy. A city devastated by war. A family, the House of Oedipus, doomed by incest, guilt, grief and greed. In this visual and physical performance of Sophocles’ ‘Antigone’, an eternal conflict transcends all boundaries in a tragedy that still resonates in contemporary culture and politics.

International Festival of Ancient Greek Drama, Cyprus, 2011
Riverside Studios, London, 2010

Creon – George Siena (London), Ryan Hurst (Cyprus)
Antigone – Lisa Stuart
Ismene – Kathryn Carpenter
Haemon – Tyler Coombes
Chorus – Robert Finlay (London) Chris Gunter (London), Konstantinos Kavakiotis (Cyprus), Ian Mairs (Cyprus) Matthew Wade (London/Cyprus)
Sentry – Tobias Deacon
Tiresias – Johan Buckingham
Messenger – Noah Young (London) Tobias Deacon (Cyprus)
Eurydice – Susie Fairbrother

Creative and Production Team
Directed by Anastasia Revi
Set and Costumer Design by Maira Vazeou
Costume Design by Joanna Beart Albrecht and Raechyl Esther Borman (Cyprus)
Lighting Design by Christina Thannasoula (London), Yiannis Katsaris (Cyprus)
Composers/Musicians – Anne Malone and Noah Young (London), Daemonia Nymphe (Cyprus)
Photography by Yiannis Katsaris (London) Maira Vazeou (Cyprus)
Graphics by Katerina Kres
Producer Martina Reynolds