Ovalhouse Theatre, London 2006

A play by Giannis Lamdas Lymtsioulis
Translated by Anton Juan
Directed by Anastasia Revi
Performed by Marlene Kaminsky, Aiman Zahabi, Rad Kaim
Designed by Nicholaos Zavaliaris
Lighting by Kristina Hjelm
Production by Martina Reynolds

Look into the sea; you can see the bottom on this clear day: an underwater picture, disturbed only by the waves. It is littered with shipwrecks and debris, part of the underworld forever more. Among the debris lie the ghosts of those who drowned. Most of them sleep now, but some are unable to rest.

Like looking through an old photograph album, some of the images draw one to look closer. They come to life as restless souls mourn their past and unrealised dreams that will never be theirs. What happened to their ship; why were they all drowned?

This is a visual portrait of memories, dreams and the unanswered questions of those who die at the hands of others. Dreamlike and surreal, the stories and fate of those who never get to tell their stories come to life at the bottom of the sea.

The play is based on the true story of a tragedy that happened in 1997