Watch MADAME X online, 1st – 20th October 2020

The new digital animation theatre production by TLC is available to watch online:

Madame X is a universal creature, floating between the earth and the sky. She has met with many women who have passed through her and shaped her. That’s how her tiny short stories were born, a breath alike. Madame X doesn’t need excesses. She exposes herself heart and soul. She doesn’t tell lies. She doesn’t beautify. She doesn’t bypass. She just raises all the issues with rawness and straightness, without concealment. Like a public confession. From the very few to all and sundry. Speaking like a human being who takes full responsibility of her mortality.

Madame X was first performed at the International Festival Analogio, in September 2019, Athens.


Written by Kalliopi Exarchou

Directed and conceived by Anastasia Revi

Graphic design and montage by Eirini Kariori

Performed by Faidra Faitaki, Eirini Fasia, Sevi Filippidou, Chryssi Janetou, Alexa Kormari, Kristiana Mitrolari, Petra Lea Verhulst, Lydia Vie